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BBQ Area in the woods of Isanuma Park

Isanuma park in Kawagoe is a frequented wooded area in a rural suburb of Kawagoe. It’s official name is Isanuma park, but recently people refer to it as Isanuma Bouken No Mori. 「冒険の森」Bouken no Mori means “adventure forest” and it refers to the wooded area in the park with an adventure playground. Although, the park is small and with few residential properties around, it has good facilities for its size and is well used.

Isanuma park Tunnel

Living in Kawagoe with kids

Cherry blossoms lining the street between Isanuma park and the lake

The park is very beneficial for people living in Kawagoe with kids, but it is quite a distance from the tourist area of Kawagoe. It is not ideally suited for a stop off for a day tripper to Kawagoe. Especially if you are on foot and / or using public transport. However, if you are touring Kawagoe in a car and are coming from Omiya on route 16 you pass close enough to stop off. Similarly, if you go as far as Miyoshino Shrine or Honmaru Goten, the park is only a six minute drive away. 

Information on Miyoshino shrine and it’s play area

Isanuma Park adventure playground

In 2015 the adventure playground was upgraded with some new equipment, which replaced older pieces. Regrettably, currently (2018) some of the remaining older pieces of the playground are broken. Including the tree house slide. Whether they will replace the pieces or not remains to be seen. However, there are still plenty of other pieces of equipment in working order. 

New Equipment at Isanuma Park

Isanuma park through the seasons

Apart from the popular adventure playground, the park also has a splash pad, a craftsman workshop, a barbecue area and an open space for playing. On the North end of the park, there are tennis courts, a small hotel, an event space and cafe. A bridge links the park to a wildlife reservation marsh on the East. The lake often has photographers stationed around it to capture the protected birds that live there. 

In spring the mature cherry blossoms on the avenue between the park and the marsh are stunning.  To the south of the park there is a river which also has picturesque cherry blossoms. Beyond the river there are just agricultural fields. And to the west is an industrial area which is bustling on weekends, but quiet on weekends.

More information on each season:

Isanuma Park Information

Address: 584 Numata, Isanuma, Kawagoe 〒350-0855 埼玉県川越市 大字伊佐沼字沼田町584

TEL: +81 49-222-1301



Isanuma Park car park hours

By car: The park is not on a major road or route, but it is close to route 16 where it merges to route 254. Parking is available on two sides of the park. The most convenient and largest is the parking lot opposite the marsh. As per photo above, the car park closes at 7 pm from March to September, but from October to February it closes at 5 pm.   There is also parking along the west side industrial area and by the small hotel and tennis courts on the North end of the park.

By Bus: Take a bus for Kawagoe Green Park and alight at Isanuma Bouken no Mori, approximately 5 minutes walk from bus stop.

In the area

We often go to this park on our way to or from either the OK or Gyomu discount stores. The Gyomu store used to be on route 16, but just moved to route 254 close to Miyoshino shrine. Saitama Medical Center is only a kilometer away. Kawagoe Sports Park is also nearby.

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