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A Local’s Guide to Kawagoe.

Kawagoe features a lot on my blog as I have lived near it for more than 10 years. As an official Level 8 Google Local Guide I can help you with any queries you have on the area, just pop your question into a comment on any thread and I will respond.

There are a lot of articles on the various parks & play areas, tourist spots, off the beaten track areas of the city, as well as fun and unique cafés, shops and restaurants and much more! You will also find a live calendar of events for the area, listing not only the famous festivals, but more local type events too. You will also find seasonal information for where to visit Santa or ring in the New Year or how about a traditional setsubun event… if its on in Kawagoe you will find it on Saitama with Kids.

Kawagoe 3D Trick Art Museum | KAWAGOE

You know your city gets the tourism seal of approval when they open a Trick Art Museum! All the great tourist cities have one; Odaiba, Takao, Atami, Karuizawa to name but a few. The most recent addition to the honor roll: Kawagoe. The Kawagoe Trick Art Museum, at the crossroads of Fudanotsuji, was opened in April of this year. It […]

Ishihara Mokkokan – cafe and retro showroom | KAWAGOE

Ishihara Mokkokan is a small mall of eateries and galleries near the Penny Candy Alley area of Kawagoe. Despite its location it is somewhat off the beaten track and mainly enjoyed by locals. There are two reasons for this. One is that it is not on many of the tourist / history walking maps for Kawagoe. The other is that […]

Sports Authority Climbing

Even toddlers can climb at Sports Authority | KAWAGOE

Sports Authority Climbing Walls – Bouldering gyms and climbing walls have been popping up all over Japan in the last year. Within Saitama too. In Kawagoe, the number of bouldering gyms and climbing walls have tripled in the last three years. The one I have found best value for money and most family friendly is the climbing wall in Sports […]

Small branch of Kid’s US Land near station | KAWAGOE

Kid’s US Land Kawagoe Kid’s US Land Kawagoe is the most recent of the super play centre chain to open on the West side of Saitama. It opened in March this year. After visiting both the Higashimatsuyama and Kamifukuoka branches, I was keen to visit the Kawagoe one too, to see how it compares. It has nothing on the other […]

Su Lab, the Kendama Cafe and Shop | KAWAGOE

I was ecstatic in the fleeting belief that I had made a really special new “find” today. My bubble was soon burst, when a quick search revealed that it wasn’t as much a new find rather than the good fortune to stumble upon a well established and celebrated speciality café. But while I may not be “breaking news” it still is […]

Monolith: Bouldering gym with kids wall | KAWAGOE

Monolith Kawagoe “Great indoor location for a half day of climbing fun for the family” Located on the border of Kawajima Town on route 254, Monolith, Kawagoe’s newest bouldering gym, opened about 18 months ago. It has enjoyed a regular trade since the very beginning. One of the appeals of this gym for me is that the staff are very friendly and helpful. I […]

Must visit shop and foot spa cafe “Tsubaki No Kura” | KAWAGOE

Foot Spa Cafe in souvenir shop – Tsubaki no Kura is a Kura Dai-kukan (Traditional Japanese storehouse space) that has been transformed into a shop that sells Japanese condiments, souvenirs, textiles, sake, Power stones, shrine goods and has a FOOT SPA CAFE and displays art. It is one of my personal favourite spots in Kawagoe and always a stop off […]

Free Shoyu Factory Tour & Cafe Kura at Matsumoto Soy Sauce | KAWAGOE

Free Soy Factory tour Kawagoe Free Soy Factory Tour Kawagoe – Where in Kawagoe to bring a visiting famous Japanese food chef and author?  This is the question that faced me when I was bringing Fiona Uyema, Ireland’s leading Japanese food expert and owner of Fused Japanese sauces, on a tour of Kawagoe in Autumn 2015. I brought her to a few different […]

Fun shopping and Festival Hotspot: Maruhiro | KAWAGOE

In this article: the low down on Maruhiro – free play, roof top Ferris wheel and rides, video arcade, family facilities, kid friendly restaurant, cute animal shaped desserts, tax free shopping, special information for attending the Kawagoe Festivals with kids, and Lapland Santa! The post contains external (affiliate) links to marked by **. Maruhiro in Kawagoe, a prestigious department store on […]

Hatsuneya Garden Cafe【from Google Maps & City-Cost Reviews】 | KAWAGOE

Online Reviews of HATSUNEYA GARDEN CAFE written by yours truly! Sophisticated café suited to a date, a coffee with friends or some tranquil and relaxing alone time. Local Guide Review on Google Maps: ​ And from Chic cafe: A bit of piece and quiet in bustling Kawagoe One hundred and fifty eight year old Hatsuneya Garden is best known to […]