Ajisai Kaido Hydrangea Road or Way in Ogose Town Saitama Prefecture

Did you know that Ogose has both an Hydrangea Road and an ajisai mountain!? Ajisai is the Japanese for hydrangea. Information for the 2024 season and festival included. But before you get too excited, unfortunately there is a bit of a tale of woe to divulge first….

Ogose Ajisai

A map of Ajisaiyama Park a mountain of ajisai hydrangea in Saitama Prefecture

The Ajisai-kaido (hydrangea road or hydrangea way) and Ajisaiyama (Mt Ajisai, ajisai is the Japanese for hydrangea) are in the area of Mugihara in Ogose. It was once a thriving rainy season attraction. Then a plague befell the beloved hydrangea of the area. The town were forced to cut down not only the ill fated hydrangea, but the unscathed hydrangea too as a fail safe from the flower disease spreading further. (It reminds me greatly of what happened to the plum blossoms in Ome City in Tokyo).

Ajisaiyama and Ajisai Kaido

The entrance to Ajisai Yama, a mountain of hydrangea in Saitama Prefecture

Before the plague maimed the mountainside hydrangea there were thousands of the beautiful colored bushes. Moreover, the ‘hydrangea way’, which leads up to the hydrangea mountain, had about 5000 hydrangea lining the three kilometer road to the hydrangea mountain. However, nowadays, there are currently only about 1500 hydrangea on the Ajisai-kaido and even fewer still on the mountain, called Ajisayama park. But the town have been slowly replanting the hydrangea for the last ten years. They haven’t even replaced half the amount. Furthermore, many of the flowers are still in their infancy. However, one day the hydrangea will hopefully thrive again. they HAVE started to thrive again in 2024.

Ogose Hydrangea

Blue hydrangea at Ogose Ajisaiyama aka hydrangea mountain in June 2024

In many parts of Saitama Prefecture, the hydrangea bloom for the month of June. Typically, the hydrangea in Ogose bloom a little bit later, from about mid June to early July. In 2024, according to Ogose town, they started blooming around June 1st. I initially wrote this post in 2021 about the 2020 season, when we visited while in the area for other attractions, such as the crying dam. I am updating this post on June 19th 2024 after visiting them today. The photo above is from June 19th 2024. And was delighted to see so many in bloom on the road up to AND on the side of the mountain. However, the ones on the side of the mountain are behind net, so they are a little hard to photograph.

Both the bus stop and the large parking area for the Ajisaiyama Park are between two to three kilometers from the park. However, in 2024 they now have a medium sized parking lot right by the entrance to the park on the mountainside. If you use the larger car park 2.2 kilometers down the road, as I did, there is little along the route up to the park. Not even a vending machine. And if you are driving up to the new parking lot, please note that as it is a narrow country road, you cannot stop or pull in along the route. In addition, please note, the park has nothing in it except for a few benches and toilets. There are toilets in the large parking lot too. However, there is a little stream at the entrance to the park. It was a hot day when we visited in 2020 and my kids enjoyed paddling their feet in it.

Hydrangea Festival 2024

Ogose town posted on June 1st to say the hydrangea have started to bloom. They also shared (brief) information for the 31st annual hydrangea road festival. It is scheduled for Saturday June 22nd, Sunday June 23rd, Saturday June 29th and Sunday June 30th 2024. It is on in the area around the places in this post. That is, the Ajisai Kaido and Ajisai Yama area. It is a small, local type hydrangea festival. But they will have yakisoba, frankfurters and tarashi yaki mochi on sale at the festival!


Ogose Hydrangea
Address:528 Mugihara, Ogose, Iruma District, Saitama 350-0421
Hours:24 hours
Online:Official web page on Ogose Town tourism website

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