Starbucks Sayama with playground and cherry blossoms

In Spring 2021, the newest Starbucks in Saitama will open in Sayama City. It will be the first branch of the coffee chain to open in Sayama city. Moreover, it will be the very first Starbucks to open in a public park in Saitama Prefecture. Furthermore, it will have an outdoor playground.

Sayama Starbucks

A year ago, at the end of 2019, Sayama City signed a basic agreement with Starbucks Coffee Japan to open a branch in the city. On the 25th of this moment, December 25th 2020, they signed a binding contract. Kasenjiki Central Park was chosen to be the location for the first ever Starbucks in Sayama City, as part of the Irumagawa Utilization Project.

Kasenjiki Central Park

The Kasenjiki Central park is located along the northern banks of the Iruma River (Irumagawa) on either side of the Shodai Bridge. Construction for the Starbucks has started on the west side of the bridge, on the northern banks of the river.

The park is locally famous for its cherry blossoms. The branch in the park is set to open in early March, just before the cherry blossoms come into bloom. No doubt, Kasenjiki Central Park will be a popular place to enjoy hanami – cherry blossom viewing – in 2021 with the opening of the new coffee shop.

Starbucks with a playground

Moreover, as part of the project, the city is installing a large piece of playground right at the Starbucks. (There is already some playground equipment in the park, but on the eastern side of Shodai Bridge on the North banks). This will be the first Starbucks in Saitama prefecture with an outdoor playground. In fact, it will be one of only handful of Starbucks throughout Japan with an outdoor playground. As part of the partnership between Sayama City and Starbucks, the playground and the car park will be maintained by the city.

In the area

This park is also a renowned viewing spot for the Iruma Air Show, which is held annually on November 3rd. However, in 2020 the air show was cancelled on account of the Coronavirus. Whether it can go ahead in 2021 or not remains to be seen. The park is close to Aeon Sayama, which has a small indoor play area for children. It is also located relatively close to the Kasumigaseki Country Club which is hosting the 2021 Golf tournament of the Olympics. Chikozan Park and the Chikozan Children’s Zoo as well as the Saiboku headquarters with playground, hot spring and eateries are a short drive away.


Opening date: early March 2021

Hours: not yet available.

Address: Kashiwabara, Sayama, Saitama 350-1335

Phone: not yet available.

Starbucks Japan website

Sayama City Official website

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  1. This looks great, I always appreciated Starbucks for their standard non-smoking atmosphere. It’s just a pity that my boys are too big for this place, but my nieces will love it!

    1. Author

      I like to treat myself to a frappachino every now and then, but amn’t a regular customer. But I do like the comfort and style of some of their branches.

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