Late-blooming cherry blossoms called yaezakura, in Moroyama town in the Iruma District of Saitama Prefecture

The late-blooming cherry blossoms are early this year. No surprises, given how early the Somei Yoshino (main) variety were. The term ‘yaezakura’ is used in Japanese as a collective term for several varieties of the beautiful fluffy late blooming cherry blossoms that have more than 5 petals. They are mostRead More →

Hitsujiyama Park 2017

An account of a visit to Hitsujiyama Park, Chichibu, for the Shibazakura Festival. >>This year’s festival information is here<< Hitsujiyama Park Hitsujiyama Park is located in the hills of Chichibu City. The park is particularly famous for its “shibazakura” fields, a dainty flower of shades of white, pink and purpleRead More →