Late-blooming cherry blossoms called yaezakura, in Moroyama town in the Iruma District of Saitama Prefecture

Information for the late-blooming cherry blossoms at Moroyama Park AND annual events at the park, including the Moroyama Industry Festival. In 2023, the Moroyama Industry Festival will be held for the first time in four years. But first, information about yaezakura cherry blossoms and Moroyama park… Late-blooming cherry blossoms, akaRead More →

The main torii to Hodosan shrine with cherry blossoms at the Nagatoro Cherry Blossom Festival

Nagatoro Cherry Blossoms – Nagatoro is easily one of Saitama’s most beautiful locations. Thus it enjoys tourists all year round due to the abundance of stunning natural scenery. Spring is no exception when thousands flock to see the famous cherry blossoms in full bloom. Until 2019 the Nagatoro Cherry Blossom overlappedRead More →

Hitsujiyama Park 2017

An account of a visit to Hitsujiyama Park, Chichibu, for the Shibazakura Festival. >>This year’s festival information is here<< Hitsujiyama Park Hitsujiyama Park is located in the hills of Chichibu City. The park is particularly famous for its “shibazakura” fields, a dainty flower of shades of white, pink and purpleRead More →