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Kumagaya is hot, hot, hot! But this is the coolest idea ever! A sunflower maze to put a smile on any face. Endo farm have posted that the “dai ichi” sunflower field is blooming now (July 27th) but is temporarily closed due to the typhoon. They will open again from July 29th.

The sunflowers at Endo Farm are grown to attract the bees so that they can make honey. You can buy their honey at the sunflower fields. The very clever farmer came up with the idea a few years ago to make a maze among the sunflowers. There are about 1,000,000 sunflowers spread out over ten areas in wasteland that was cultivated. The farmer teasingly remarks “Be careful not to get lost!” But what a beautiful place to get lost!

Sunflower maze

The sunflowers grow in August to early September normally. In previous years when the weather permitted the maze was available from the end of August to early September. Please note that the maze is not at the farm’s sunflower field, but at the field by the former Kojima Elementary and middle School. From August 2020:

Amazingly, this event is free. There are a couple of other mazes in cornfields in Saitama this time of year, but they all charge! In previous years, they’ve also had a yoga event among the sunflower. That is, naturally, a charged event.

They will provide “hygiene products” (hand sanitizers I would guess) this year as they did last year, as a measure against the coronavirus. However, please note that depending on the situation with the Coronavirus closer to the time and indeed the weather, there maybe changes or an outright cancellation of the event. Given the year that is in it, I would highly recommend contacting the farm directly before making a trip, to check for any last minute changes or conditions. You can find contact details in the map at the bottom of the post (not the first map, the second one) with the information box below it.

Access Endo Farm

The farm and sunflower fields are located on the North side of the Tone River in Kumagaya city, right on the border of Gunma prefecture. The nearest train station is Nishi Koizumi station in Gunma, but it would take you over an hour on foot. You can get a taxi from the station or use a larger train station such as Kumagaya station and get a bus in the direction of Ota in Gunma.

By car, the nearest interchange is the Hanazono Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway. There is no car park as such. Parking is just on the agricultural road by the farm, but they request you be careful where you park. THE MAZE IS NOT AT THE MAIN FIELD BY THE FARM BUT BESIDE the former Kojima elementary and middle school. Map directly below or copy plus code: 7924+93 Kumagaya, Saitama.

Endo farm Facebook page.

Notification of the event in 2020 on the Sunflower website.

In the area: Beppunuma Park

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