Ukiya no Sato nature reserve in Kazo City

Ukiya no Sato is a nature reserve in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It is part of what is known as the Saitama Green (greenery) Trust – conservation area number ten of fourteen areas in total in Saitama Prefecture.

Ukiya no Sato

The name of this nature reserve comes from the fact that the land surfaced when the Tone River broke in 1947. It revealed a ‘floating moor’ in the valley, said to have been formed by a glacier thousands of years ago. The surrounding area is also countryside that retains the remnants of former days.

Due to the peculiarity of the terrain, rare alpine plants grow naturally and reeds galore. Some of the marshy waters look like delicious pools of chocolate. Ukiya no Sato is probably best known for the rare species of Euphorbia adenochlora “nourishi” . Nourishi is indigenous to Japan. Furthermore, it is an endangered perennial herb. Moreover, in April it creates a yellow carpet in the bog.

Ayame Iris

Tafune at Ukiya No Sato from official facebook page
Tafune boat ride. From the official website

Also, the iris in the nature reserve are quite well known. Each year, they hold an iris festival in the second week of June. The highlight of the festival is the tafune boat rides operated by boat women in traditional wear. It is a rare opportunity to meander leisurely through the rice fields in this traditional way. However, the event has not been on since 2019 due to the pandemic and they have confirmed it will not be on in 2023 either. But you are allowed, and they warmly invite you, to come visit the iris this year (2023).

The reserve is blissfully quiet out of iris and nourishi season. Furthermore, as it is windy, alongside water and is shaded thanks to the amass of trees, it is also a good bit cooler than many areas of Saitama. In addition, the walkways are beautiful. There are naturally formed paths as well as boardwalks over the water. Moreover, you can hear frogs and insects galore through most of the year except winter.


Ukiya no Sato 浮野の里
Address:Kitashinozaki, Kazo, Saitama 347-0013
Hours:Parking closed over night
Online:Official website


Ukiya no sato road

Kazo City recommends using a rent-a-cycle to get to Ukiya No Sato, which you can pick up from Kazo Station. Kazo Station is on the Tobu Isesaki line.

For the car navigation system 「〒347-0013 加須市北篠崎732」. It is close to the Kazo exit of the Tohoku Expressway. The parking is rough and ready – gravel with pot holes the size of craters! There is a toilet in the car park.

In the area

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