Wako Jurin Park

You can see Autumn colors in Wako Jurin Park from around mid October to early December annually. However, the highlight of the autumn scenery is the Kochia and they are usually at their best right about now! Last year, I visited at the end of November, so I missed the Kochia in the park. Because they pull the Kochia up at the end of season. You can try pulling up the Kochia yourself this year – more on that in events paragraph!

Wako Jurin Park

Wako Jurin Park is a prefectural park, close to the Wako City Hall, along the Niiza Midorido (green road / path). It is located on the site of the former Camp Asaka Air Base. Wako Jurin Park is a relatively large park (for the area its in), right beside another park – Oizumi Central Park – which is part of the Tokyo Metropolis! They are literally right across the road from each other (south end of the park). The street that divides them is known for its cherry blossoms in spring. There are also beautiful cherry blossoms in Wako Jurin Park.

In Autumn

autumn plants in Wako Jurin Park Saitama
Wako Jurin Park, November 2022

The street on the North east of the park, Momote street, that leads to city hall, is known for its gingko in Autumn. You can also see some Autumn colors in the park. It wouldn’t make any top ten lists, but if you are local to the area, it is a nice park to visit during autumn.

Playground in Wako Jurin

Other seasons

The park is known for its cherry blossoms – in the park and on the road that separates it from Tokyo’s Oizumi Park. They are of the Somei Yoshino variety. But the park also has some early blooming cherry blossoms and some witch hazel too. The witch hazel blooms in February, as does their plum blossoms and daffodils.

There is a small playground in the park and in summer they have a wading river. There are stretches of lawn where you can picnic. In addition, the park has a barbecue area (next paragraph). And across the road in Oizumi Park there is a camping ground.

Hero Field Barbecue

barbecue area Hiro Field BBQ Wako

The barbecue area is called Hero Field BBQ. It is open all year round from Thursday to Sunday. In Spring, Summer and Autumn it is also open on Wednesdays. You can rent the area for the whole day (five hours) or for three hours. The food is provided in the cost and you can also rent various equipment. They have kids set too. They have different plans, including one with all-you-can-drink! Please see the official site for the most up-to-date prices. The phone number and 24 hour online booking form is also provided on that site.

Events at the park

They occasionally have park yoga. There is a yoga to music event coming up on October 28th 2023, from 3 pm to 4.30 pm. It costs 800 yen. On Saturday November 11th they have another yoga event, from 3 to 4 pm and it costs 500 yen. You need to apply in advance by mail or fax to participate!

On November 11th and 12th you can try your hand at Kochia picking! Although, its not picking really, more like digging or pulling up! You can bring up to two home for your trouble! It is a free event, but it is limited to the first 30 people lined up on the day. The event is on from 1 to 3 pm.

Between October 21st and 29th there is a “Find the ghosts” event at the barbecue area. If children can find the seven ghosts they’ll get candy! They have Halloween photo spots in the area too. (It is a free event for people who are using the barbecue area)

Like both Inariyama Park and Sai no Mori Park, Wako Jurin Park is a prefectural (not municipal) park and its official website is managed by Seibu. Botanen Park in Higashimatsuyama city is a municipal park, but it also has a website run by Seibu. Wako Jurin Park on Google Maps.


Park: Saitama Prefectural Wako Jurin Park 埼玉県営和光樹林公園

Season: mid October to mid November for Autumn colors. End of March to early April for cherry blossoms.

Hours: the park is open 24 hours, but the parking and facilities close overnight.

Cost: there is no entry fee to the park, but you do have to pay for parking.

Location: 〒351-0106 Saitama, Wako, Hirosawa, Sanbachinai. View on Google Maps.


The park can be accessed from Tobu Tojo and Metro line’s Wako Station. It is about a 15 minute walk from the station to the venue. By car; the park is about two kilometers from the Wako Interchange on the Tokyo Outer Ring Road. There are two parking areas. The west parking area is under the Wako City General Gymnasium. There is also a North parking area. Both cost 200 yen for the first hour and 100 yen per hour for every half hour thereafter. The North parking area is open from 6 am to 7 pm, the west from 8 am to 11.30 pm.

Official website

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