Cosmos Arena Fukiage poppies in spring, cosmos in autumn

Information for the Poppies and Nadeshiko flowers in May and the Cosmos in October at Konosu’s Cosmos Arena Fuikage.

Cosmos Arena Fukiage

On the flood lands of the Arakawa river, millions of flowers grow annually in front of the Cosmos Arena Fukiage. Cosmos Arena Fukiage is a municipal sports facility with a gymnasium and some sports fields, including a popular putter golf course. It is also used for municipal events and during the period of Konosu’s famous dolls festival, they have some hina dolls on display in this facility too.

In addition, there is an aviary on the grounds “Tenku no Sato”, that houses stork “kounotori”, the namesake, symbol and the bird of Konosu City. It only costs 100 yen to visit Tenku no Sato. They have feeding time that you can participate in too. Furthermore, there is a small, free, playground in front of the aviary.

Also, Cosmos Arena Fukiage has a view of Japan’s longest water pipe bridge, the Arakawa Suikan Bridge. Moreover, at certain times of the year you can see magnificent flower displays backdropped by the scenic bridge. In spring its poppies and “nadeshiko” dianthus flowers. And in Autumn, the namesake of the facility – cosmos. Millions and millions of cosmos!

Spring – Poppies and Nadeshiko

Purple nadeshiko flowers at Cosmos Arena

Around the end of April, the poppies and nadeshiko flowers start to grow at Cosmos Fukiage Arena. However, prime viewing for both is generally the middle of May. The Nadeshiko flowers translate to “fringed pink” or Dianthus, but the nadeshiko flowers at Cosmos Arena are purple. They look like corn cockle, which is called Mugi Sennou in Japanese, but Cosmos Arena Fukiage call them “nadeshiko”. In a non pandemic year, you can see carp streamers flying in the nadeshiko fields at Cosmos Arena.

Red Poppies and purple nadeshiko flowers in Fukiaga, Konosu, Saitama Prefecture

I know its quite confusing, but this is not the main site of the “famous poppies” of Konosu. This is the smaller site and it is relatively far from the main site. It would take about an hour, maybe more, to walk between them. But despite being the “smaller” or “sub” site, the poppy fields at Cosmos Arena are very impressive. Moreover, at this site you can see the flowers backdropped by the picturesque Arakawa Suikan bridge (water pipe bridge).

In one field there are various shades of poppies including white and pink. There is also a field with orange poppies. In addition, there are a couple of fields of red poppies as well as a red poppy and nadeshiko mix. As of May 6th 2022 the orange poppies are the least mature, but the red poppies are coming along nicely.

Poppy Festival in Konosu

The poppy fields at Cosmos Fukiage are just one site of the Konosu Poppy Festival, which in turn is part of a larger Konosu Flower Festival! The main site of the Konosu Poppy Festival is at Poppy Happy Square, about a 20 minute drive away. The festival at Poppy Happy Square is on for a couple of weeks, but the festival at Cosmos Fukiage is just on for one weekend. In 2022, that is Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd. However, you can visit the poppies at anytime, not just when the festival is on. And as of May 6th 2022, some of the poppies and nadeshiko flowers are already in bloom.

Free poppy picking

sign to say that you can now pick the shirley poppies at Cosmos Arena In Fukiage

On May 23rd Cosmos Arena put a sign up on the Shirley Poppy field nearest the water bridge and putter golf, to say that you can now pick the poppies.

Autumn – Konosu Cosmos

Approximately 12 million cosmos grow on the Arakawa riverbed near “Cosmos Arena Fukiage” in Konosu annually in autumn. During the period of the bloom there is usually a two day cosmos festival. However, in 2019 the festival was cancelled due to typhoon Hagibis and in 2020 and 2021 the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic. However, in 2022, just like the last two years, you can see the flowers even if there is no festival on.

Fukiage cosmos arena
September 25th 2021

In 2020, it was a much smaller display than ‘normal’, but in 2021 there was the full 12 MILLION (give or take) again. We visited on September 25th 2021 and the orange / sulphur cosmos were already in full bloom. The other colors of cosmos were also coming along nicely. There are some areas where the other colors of cosmos (white, purple, pink etc) have not flowered yet, but there is one large section where they have already started to flower. They say the best time to see the cosmos in Konosu is mid to the end of October.

However, if you do visit the end of September or early October, you can also see sunflowers nearby at “Hana no Oasis”. It is a community garden, also in Konosu city. The “flower bus” links them both, or if you are driving it takes about 15 minutes between the two locations.

Cosmos Festival in Konosu

In a non pandemic year there is normally a two day festival in celebration of the millions of cosmos. It is held close to the flower fields.  It normally takes place toward the end of October, often the weekend of the third week in October. As of May 6th 2022, it is unknown if the cosmos festival will be on in 2022.

During this period you are usually allowed walk on Japan’s longest water pipe bridge (weather permitting) to view the flowers from above. Normally, the water pipe bridge can be accessed between the hours of 9.30 am and 3 pm. However, this has not been possible since 2018. Its still too early to tell for 2022 too. In a ‘normal year’ the festival includes stage events, a farmers market, festival stalls and a flea market. Moreover, this is a free event.

Cosmos Arena Fukiage

Address: Cosmos Arena Fukiage, 636-1 Myoyo, Konosu, Saitama

Public Transport:
Cosmos Arena Fukiage is a five minute bus ride on the “Flower Bus” (フラワーバス)from JR Takasaki Line Fukiage station (JR高崎線吹上駅). The bus goes toward Kita Kounosu (北鴻巣行き). The stop for the flowers is called Cosmos Arena Fukiage (コスモスアリーナふきあげ).

The poppy / cosmos fields are about 11 kilometers from the Higashimatsuyama Interchange of the Kanetsu Expressway. You can park in front of Cosmos Arena Fukiage for free. It is the closest car park to the larger displays. Map at the bottom of the post.

Official website

Konosu Events

Konosu has a lot of famous events on over the year as well as some other low key ones. Among their annual famous events are the Guinness World Record holding Konosu Fireworks and Japan’s tallest Hina (Doll) display:

Konosu Fireworks

Hina Display

Posted in 2014 and updated annually. Republished on September 25th 2021 with just the cosmos festival information. Completely revamped with spring information added and republished on May 6th 2022.


  1. Such a shame that the festival isn’t on, nice that you can still visit the flowers and they didn’t just mow them to prevent people from turning up.

    Hopefully everything can go back to normal soon.

    1. Yes, thank goodness they didn’t mow them down! Last year, they had a smaller display, so its great that they at least grew millions again this year to cheer us all up! Pretty phenomenal numbers eh!

      1. “Millions of flowers…” in a Doctor Evil voice.

    1. Thanks Ian. They are definitely worth visiting, so beautiful. And there are also sunflowers blooming nearby (15 minute drive)… I just added info for those tonight. 🙂

  2. Seriously – you are the best. I’m so glad you didn’t give the blog up

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