tulips and cherry blossoms Fukaya Green Center

Fukaya Green Park

tulips at Fukaya Green Park

Fukaya Green park is a small park beside the indoor pool and leisure center Aqua Paradise Patio. The park isn’t particularly big, but it has some beautiful cherry blossoms. Interestingly ANA describes it as a “vast park”, it makes me wonder did we accidentally miss a whole section of it on our visits over the years. However, taking a look at Google Maps, I’m pretty sure we didn’t miss anything! Fukaya City is the second largest producer of tulips in all of Japan. It was a deliberate choice to display some of Fukaya’s pride, tulips in spring. Likewise they display lilies in summer, because Fukaya city is the proud top producer of lilies in all of Japan.


At Fukaya Green Park, there is a picturesque tulip display from late March to around mid April. According to the official website there are 30,000 pink, red, yellow and white tulips in bloom this year, 2021. To be honest, that figure quite surprises me. If I had to guess I would have thought it was about half of that. The official blog announced that they were at 70 to 80% on March 31st. So we visited on April 1st. They were practically at full bloom.

Tulips in Konosu

Cherry Blossoms

There are dozens of mature cherry blossoms in Fukaya Green Park. The main walkway from Patio pools to the green spaces is an avenue or tunnel of sakura. Its quite short, but photogenic. The path (sidewalk) reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road! You can see the tulips on one side. And on the other side a large open green space which is also surrounded by cherry blossom trees. There is a second tunnel of cherry blossoms around the West open green space where the playground is. Cherry blossoms line the top of the hill in this area.

Cherry Blossoms and tulips

Normally you can see the cherry blossoms and tulips together for at least week. However, this year and last the cherry blossoms were early. And the tulips are barely in full bloom. Therefore the window is very small this year to see the two bloom together. However, hopefully there are a couple of days left with them both contrasting to create such stunning scenery.

You can also see tulips and cherry blossoms together in Saitama City.

Flower garden

fukaya green park

There is also a small flower garden in the North West corner of the park. It has a couple of different photo props, such as the one pictured above.

Fukaya Green Park Information


  • Playground
  • Pagoda
  • Vending machines
  • Water drinking fountains
  • Public toilets
  • There are even more facilities / services within Aqua Paradise Patio
Address:763 Kashiai, Fukaya, Saitama 366-0816
Hours:the official hours are 10 am to 9 pm
Cost:The park is free as is parking. (The pools are charged)
Online:Official website


There is a free “Patio” shuttle bus from the rotary at the South entrance of the JR Fukaya station. The Takasaki line stops at Fukaya Station. There is about one bus an hour between 10 am and 4 pm. You can see the latest timetable here. Please note that the shuttle bus maybe suspended again, depending on the Coronavirus situation. But it is currently scheduled to run during April.

By car: the park is about an 18 minute drive from the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway.

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