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The Kumagaya Fireworks used to be held in August annually. However, in 2020 they intentionally scheduled them for June, so as not to clash with the Olympics. Then… the pandemic happened! And the 2020 Kumagaya fireworks, like so many other, were completely cancelled.

This year they have scheduled them for even earlier with a May date for 2021. They will be on Saturday May 29th 2021. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, no spectators are allowed at or near the launch site. They ask that you enjoy these fireworks from a distance. Furthermore, rather than launching thousands of fireworks at the usual site, this year they are only launching a few fireworks at five different sites. The fireworks will be launched at 7.30 pm in the vicinity of:

  1. Arakawa Ohashi,
  2. Kumagaya Sports and Culture Park,
  3. Kuge Bridge area,
  4. Menuma Gliderport area and
  5. Kumagaya Sakura Sports Park.

Information for a regular year

The Kumagaya fireworks display started in 1948, making these the longest running annual fireworks in Saitama. In Japanese firework displays are called 花火大会 hanabi taikai or literally firework competition in English. Nowadays a lot of the firework displays don’t actually carry out a competition, but Kumagaya do. They have a starmine fireworks contest.

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The fireworks will be postponed until a later date if there is heavy rain. Usually the day after or the following Saturday or Sunday. Due to the size of the event and the convenient location, these fireworks attract thousands of spectators. They launch the fireworks from the bank of the Arakawa, just a five minute walk from Kumagaya Station.

Many fireworks are shot off by supporting citizens, stores and companies in Kumagaya while their names and PR messages are announced.

Please enjoy Japan in a variety of ways such as viewing the huge fireworks’s which are displayed in the night sky while wearing traditional Japanese summer wear (Yukata) or eating finger foods of Japanese cuisine. Source: From the Kumagaya Tourist Bureau official English webpages.

They launch approximately 10,000 fireworks along the Arakawa River, on the far side of Arakawa Undo Park. The main viewing area is in the rugby fields of Arakawa Undo Park. The displays attract upward of 450,000 spectators. They have “message fireworks” that display birth, marriage and congratulatory messages. There are approximately 500 festival stalls available.

Kumagaya Fireworks Access

Information for a “normal” year.

Access from Chichibu Tetsudo Kumagaya Station South gate. It only takes about 5 minutes on foot from the station. They do have parking, but you have to arrive in the afternoon as they shut off roads closer to launch time. It costs 2000 yen for one car.

For more fireworks and seasonal events in Saitama please see the main events page.

First published in 2017 and updated annually. Last republish May 13th 2021.

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