CHerry blossoms Mihashi park

Mihashi Park –  Mihashi Recreational Park, 三橋総合公園, is a park enjoyed by locals in Nishi ward. Unlike other parks in the area it has plenty of free parking and for the most part it is free to play in, but the sporting facilities have a nominal fee. They also have some battery operated cars which cost money to use.

Mihashi park open space for playing ball

The park is conveniently located off route 17.  The sports facilities include an indoor community pool within the park, as well as another indoor community center with various courts and rooms. And there are tennis courts in the park too.  There are 2 playgrounds, a running / cycle track and plenty of open spaces for children to play in. At least two of the open spaces allow children kick a ball around or play baseball.

Mihashi Park nishi ward

The main playground boasts lots of different athletic type playground equipment. The wooden pirate ship with lots of climbing and slides was the flagship of the main playground, if you’ll pardon the pun. It was replaced in 2017 by more modern equipment, but in order to keep the beloved symbol of the park they designed it with a bow and ship masts. However, that is all that is in keeping with the original structure.

2018 Mihashi Park main piece of playground equipment

Mihashi Park

Replaced the old popular wooden ship play equipment:

Mihashi park (2)

They are still adding to this playground with at least 3 other new pieces going in:

Mihashi Park new equipment
Mihashi park (5)

Other equipment in this playground encourages climbing skills, such as the monkey bars, climbing wall and ropes. There is also a net climbing attraction, which proves very popular, as you can see in the photo below. However, that is currently out of bounds while they add some more pieces to the new playground. (Spring 2018)

There is good shade around the circumference of this playground, as there are lots of trees making it ideal for picnicking in the summer. And by mid afternoon the playground is mostly in the shade. There are also picnic tables dotted throughout the playground.

The park has vending machines that sell drinks and sometimes there is a van that sells pot noodles.  There are toilets beside the car park, the tennis court and in the sports facility opposite the swimming pool.

Mihashi park (3)

Near the tennis courts there is another, smaller playground suited to toddlers and smaller children. It has swings as well as the roller slide pictured.

Mihashi park (4)

Another attraction of this park, for my kids anyway, is the abundance of insects. Today, for example, my kids and their friends (who we brought to the park with us), caught over 20 grasshoppers, beetles and crickets. 🙂

Cherry blossoms Mihashi Park

Moreover, it is a lovely place for a quiet hanami. Particularly with kids. The cherry blossom trees in the park are mature, but it is not a park renowned for its trees so there aren’t crowds like in Omiya Park or other nearby parks.  They have cherry blossom tunnels in two different locations. And there are areas where you can see cherry blossoms contrasted against different vegetation.


Address: 5 Mihashi, Nishi Ward, Saitama City

Access by car: 10 minutes from the Yono exit of the Shuto expressway (Omiya route). Located at the intersection of R17 and R2.
By Train: take a bus from Omiya station West exit to Mihashi Park.

TEL: 048-623-0505


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