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Seibuen Yuenchi Amusement Park have confirmed that their pools will open again in 2023. They will open daily, weather permitting, from mid July to early September. Seibuen is one of only a handful of pools or aqua parks that never closed during the pandemic. They did have restrictions though. Moreover, they didn’t have their night pool either and it isn’t on in 2023 either. Updated June 23rd 2023 with the latest information on tickets…

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Seibuen Summer Pools General Information

Seibuen / Seibu Amusement Park, open their summer pools annually in July until the first week in September. Before the pandemic they opened from early July, but since the pandemic they have been opening from mid July. Generally, they operate on rainy days, but if there is a typhoon or very heavy rain they occasionally close. They normally have a night pool on select dates from the middle of July. However, the night pool has not opened since the pandemic began.


  • Water Slider with 6 different slides of different speeds
  • A wave pool
  • A flowing pool
  • Kids pool
  • Viking Bikke Exciting Water land
  • Hello Kitty Water Park
  • Challenge Air Athletic
  • Night Pool – in 2021, on account of the Coronavirus, it was more an “evening” pool! It closed at 7 pm. It wasn’t on in 2022. Information not yet available for 2023.

Big Summer Festival

During the summer holidays, Seibu amusement park have a “big summer festival” with seasonal pools, beer garden, large scale water fight and fireworks. The pool or aqua park is popular locally, but also with people from outside the prefecture. In fact, it frequently ranks on the top ten most popular pools in all of Japan. In 2022, Walker awarded it third place in their annual Walker Pool Awards. (Number one was also in Saitama). Many people commute from Tokyo and further afield too. Weekends can be very crowded during a “normal” year. However, during the pandemic they limited the number of people allowed in.

Due to the popularity of these pools, it is recommend that you book a ticket in advance, they go on sale from 3 pm on June 23rd. If you want to avoid the crowds, weekdays are less busy. And on a rainy weekday its a whole other world. Its not unusual for it to be practically empty on a rainy weekday!

2023 Information

In 2023 the pool will open daily from Friday July 14th until Sunday September 3rd. The pools are open from 9 am to 5 pm. You can see the most up-to-date schedule here.

(Before the pandemic the pools opened until 7 pm on weekends and until 9 pm on select dates for the night pool, but unfortunately not this is not the case in 2023).


The price went up in 2021. The day pool pass (that is for the pool only, it does not include the amusement park) for adults and children over 15 is 2,900 yen. However, when they have special events on, normally over Obon, they sometimes increase the price. Furthermore, if you want to enter the amusement park too it costs 4900 yen, but that does not include rides. Kindergarten and primary school aged children and people over 60 can enter the pools for 1,900 yen. Children under 2 are free. There are discounts for people with a Seibu Prince Club card.

Tickets go on sale at 3 pm on Friday June 23rd.

There are 4 pools (1 is massive) which include one 30 cm water depth pool that children in nappies / diapers ARE allowed into. Children over 3 are allowed to zorb on water with a parent. They have an “Hello Kitty Water Park” which is a separate water play area.

Seibu Pools Access:
Seibuen pools are about a five minute walk from Seibu Tamako Line Seibu Yuenchi Station and Seibu Line Seibuen Station.
Parking for 1200 cars, the parking charge at the main car park has also gone up – from 1500 yen to 1800 yen. The overflow car parks cost 1500 yen. You also have to pay 100 yen to park a bicycle!
Sat nav/ GPS: phone number 042-922-1371

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