Nagatoro Green leaves light up

Nagatoro green leaves light up in 2024 ~ Tsuki no Ishi Momiji Park in Nagatoro is known for its Autumn leaves. And each year in Autumn they light up the leaves at night. But just before the pandemic they also started lighting up the leaves while they were green. AndRead More →

shibazakura saitama

Information for the 2024 Shibazakura Matsuri, aka Moss Phlox Festival, on the Shibazakura Hill at Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu. Shibazakura Hill Shibazakura are a dainty bright flower that create a striking colored carpet. In English, the most common name is moss phlox (phlox subulata). Shibazakura no Oka (Moss Phlox Hill)Read More →

Chichibu Muse Park Plum Blossom Festival

The plum blossom grove at Chichibu Muse Park is particularly beautiful. There is something about it and Shinrin Park’s plum blossom grove that sets them apart from the other “bairin”, plum blossom groves, in Saitama Prefecture. Possibly, the clever design that makes them more picture perfect than others. And inRead More →