Nogoji Hydrangea in Saitama Prefecture Japan

Nogoji is Saitama’s most famous hydrangea temple. Even without the hydrangea in bloom the temple grounds are very picturesque. Unfortunately, since 2020 the precincts close to the public during the hydrangea period. In order to deter crowds. In 2022, for the third year in a row, the temple is off limits from June 1st to June 30th. Official notification, posted May 12th 2022.

Nogoji Temple

Nogoji Temple is located in Kumagaya City in Northern Saitama. The temple was originally built in 743 AD. They rebuilt it in the 9th century.

The temple is one of Saitama’s most famous places to enjoy hydrangea. During the hydrangea season, thousands flock to see the stunning view of a pagoda framed by stunning hydrangea. It is one of several temples in Saitama referred to as an Hydrangea Temple or ‘Ajisai Dera’.


There are approximately 8000 hydrangea at Nogo Temple. The period of bloom is generally the month of June, the rainy season in Japan. Hydrangea and Iris flowers love the rain and are abundant in June all over Japan.

During the period of the hydrangea bloom at Nogo temple there is a 300 yen charge to view the hydrangea. However, in 2020 and 2021 there was no hydrangea viewing. Check back later in the year for the 2022 information!

Looking for somewhere to view hydrangea in 2022? Check the “hydrangea” tag on insaitama for a choice of places to view hydrangea. Every year I update seasonal posts close to the period of bloom.

Nogoji Information

Address: 1141 Nagaiota, Kumagaya, Saitama 360-0237

Phone: +81485880901

Hours: awaiting confirmation for 2022

Cost: during the period of bloom, of the hydrangea, it costs 300 yen to enter the temple grounds

Web page on the Kumagaya City official website

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