Shouganji temple at Konosu Park

Konosu Park is located beside Shouganji¹ temple, which is a famous doll temple. The temple is renowned for its unique “Doll Memorial Service”. Konosu Park is relatively small, but during the cherry blossom season it attracts hundreds of visitors for its mature cherry blossoms. The scene of the temple gates framed by cherry blossoms certainly adds to the appeal of this location for cherry blossom viewing. Moreover, they host a cherry blossom festival each year when the sakura are flowering.

¹Shouganji is also written as Shoganji or Shogan / Shougan Temple in English. In Japanese it is 勝願寺. Konosu is also often written as Kounosu or Kōnosu.

Konosu Park Cherry Blossoms

Konosu Park early blooming cherry blossom
February 28th 2024

There are approximately 200 cherry blossoms, that bloom around the end of March and early April, in Konosu Park. There is also one early blooming cherry blossom that blooms the end of February! The above photo was taken on February 28th 2024. During the period of the spring (end of March / April) cherry blossoms Konosu Park have a one day cherry blossom festival, which is part of the larger “Konosu Cherry Blossom Festival“.

Cherry Blossom Festival

The cherry blossom will be held (all things equal) in Konosu Park on Sunday March 24th 2024, between 10 am and 4 pm. They have festival stalls and live entertainment for the occasion. According to Konosu City Hall, the cherry blossoms will also be lit up at night, until 8 pm, from the middle of March to early April.


As one of the official temples of the Tokugawa Shogunate, you can see the famous “Mitsuba Aoi” family crest at the temple. Furthermore, the temple is one of the 18 official ‘danrin’ of the Kanto plain. A ‘danrin’ 檀林 is a place of study for monks. In addition, the temple has a one of a kind doll memorial service each November. After which, thousands (usually around 10,000) dolls are burned in front of the “Ningyozuka” Doll Mound, pictured above. On the same night they have a “Ten Nights” Memorial service. It is one of the three Great “Ten Night” Ceremonies of the Kanto Plain.

A sign which explains the connection between Princess Makino and Konosu

Apart from its prestige and rich history, the temple is very photogenic. Particularly in cherry blossom season. Moreover, it is a ‘power’ spot and the site of Princess Makino’s grave. The sign beside the door in the picture above tells the story of Princess Makino’s connection with Konosu.


Playground at Kounosu Park

Later in spring, usually around Golden week, you can see a Nanja Monja tree (White fringe tree) blooming in the park. It has become quite famous. The park has a nice, but small, playground.

Cherry Blossom Festival Information

Event: Konosu Park Cherry Blossom Festival 鴻巣公園の桜・さくら祭り

Date: Sunday March 24th 2024

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Cost: free

Venue: Konosu Park, 8 Chome-2-3003-1 Honcho, Konosu, Saitama 365-0038. View on Google Maps.


The park is about a ten to fifteen minute walk from Konosu Station’s east exit, which is on the JR Takasaki Line. There is no parking lot for the park, but the temple has some parking. However, you can not use it for / during the festival.

Official 2024 event page on Konosu City Website.

The featured image is from the Saitama Prefecture Products Tourism Association.

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