Nagatoro Flower Village golden poppies

Information for the seasonal flowers at the Nagatoro Flower Village “Nagatoro Hana no Sato”, which is best known for its Golden Poppies. However, there are also other flowers grown seasonally. Such as the beautiful hydrangea in July and the cosmos in late summer. Furthermore, there are cherry blossoms that bloom in spring. This post was first written to showcase the stunning hydrangea, in the summer of 2023, but I’ve been back since. On my last visit, on May 12th, the Golden Poppies had started to bloom. The current feature photo at the top of the post is from my May 12th (2024) visit.

Nagatoro Flowers / Flower Village

Nagatoro Flower Village
July 4th 2023

The Nagatoro Flower Village is located close to the large white torii for Hodosan Shrine, just a few minutes walk from Nagatoro Station. On the way you pass the famous Kakigori cafe Asami Reizou.

Cherry blossoms – mid spring

There are some beautiful mature cherry blossoms by the parking lot. They typically bloom around mid April. Nagatoro’s cherry blossoms are in the official top 100 sakura list for all of Japan. You can get all the information for the locations, the festival and the light up in the Nagatoro Cherry Blossom post here.

California Poppies – late spring to early summer

The flower village is most famous for its Golden or Calfornia poppies. They bloom from around mid May to early June. Actually, because they are so well known, the ‘garden’ is often called Nagatoro California Poppy Garden or Hanabishisou Garden in Japanese! In 2024, the official period of the golden poppies is from Wednesday May 8th to mid June.

Cosmos – late summer to early Autumn

However, for the last seven years, they’ve actually grown other flowers in the valley at different times of the year! For some reason, while the poppies are widely known, the other flowers don’t seem to be. Although, in 2019 just before the pandemic, the cosmos seemed to be taking off, on social media anyway. Maybe they will increase in popularity this year. They have just started blooming now (early July 2023) but the best time to see them is, generally, in September.

Hydrangea – summer

Nagatoro Hydrangea at the Flower Village

I feel like the hydrangea are lagging behind (in their popularity), although they are incredibly beautiful. However, this year, Nagatoro added an Instagram spot among the hydrangea, which seems to have done the trick. Unfortunately, not in real time… but hopefully next year the hydrangea can finally bask in the acclamation they deserve! I visited on July 4th 2023 and some of them are withering. However, there were still quite a few in prime condition. It rained last night which I think gave them a lift, but even if it rains again, they won’t last much longer. Maybe a few days if we’re lucky.

These hydrangea really are beautiful – I personally rank them in my top ten favorite places to see hydrangea in Saitama. And they are actually my second favorite place for Annabelle hydrangea. I really like how they line the path and are backdropped by rolling green. Moreover, it is not just white Annabelle hydrangea. There are also other colors of hydrangea. Some of them are on the hill by the Annabelle, but if you walk into the woods, there are even more colored hydrangea.

Easy hikes

Hydrangea on a trail from Nagatoro Flower Village to Hodosan Ropeway

The woods are on the south west corner of the garden. There are a couple of different trails in the woods. It is a popular place for easy hiking. The Hodosan ropeway parking lot is only a 360 meters walk from the hydrangea area of the woods. From there, there are other trails that go to the top of Mt Hodo. Or you can take the vibrant yellow “Bambi” (the name of the ropeway carriage) to the top of the mountain!

>>I coupled this with a visit to the stunning mountain hydrangea of Minoyama Park.


Event: Golden / California Poppies at Nagatoro Flower Village (Nagatoro Hana no Sato) 花の里「ハナビシソウ園」, Followed by Hydrangea 「アナベル」
(Cherry blossoms around mid April / Cosmos in August ~ September)

Season: golden poppies from May 8th to mid June 2024. Hydrangea (Annabelle) from mid June to early July 2024.

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Cost: 200 yen, when there is no-one at the reception office, you can leave the money in a box. If there is someone in the reception area, you get a free postcard when you pay in.

Venue: Nagatoro Flower Village (Hana no Sato) 長瀞町花の里「アナベル・ハナビシソウ園」, 1164 Nagatoro, Chichibu District, Saitama 369-1305. View on Google Maps. (Its called Nagatoro California Poppy Garden on Google maps).


The flowers are about a seven or eight minute walk from Nagatoro Station. There is parking for about 20 cars right in front of the main entrance to the flower village.

The hydrangea update page on Nagatoro Tourism Site. | The official web page for the California / Golden Poppies.

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