Ina rose festival

Information for Saitama’s largest rose garden at Ina Memorial Park and biannual rose festivals.

The spring rose festival in Ina surprisingly went ahead in 2021 despite a stay at home directive. It was one of the few Rose festivals on in 2021. So no surprises that the festival was on in 2022. Moreover, it was the 20th anniversary of the festival. However, it was a much smaller festival than “usual”, but they did have events such as dance, including Yosakoi, and music performances. But there was no food sales and you couldn’t eat or drink in the park. This year, 2023, things are back to normal, for the first time in four years. Information for the smaller, Autumn two day only rose festival also contained in this post.

Inamachi Roses

Inamachi (Ina Town) is famous for its roses. Ina (Choseishiko) Memorial park in the town is home to the largest rose garden in all of Saitama. It is one of the most famous places for roses not just in Saitama, but in the Kanto plain (area around Tokyo).

Ina Memorial Park

Ina Memorial Park or Ina Chosei Shiko (sometimes written Seko) Park is more than just a rose garden. The rose garden is just one part – a large part at that with 1.2 hectares. In the park you can also find various sporting facilities and recreation spaces including a playground. There is even a campsite on the south end of the park.

The roses in the park are cared for throughout the year by rose gardeners. They have three separate areas referred to as “1st” “2nd” and “3rd” garden. The latter has a unique rose named the Urawa Red Diamond, named after Saitama’s Soccer team. In total, there are approximately 5,000 roses of 400 different varieties in the rose gardens of the park.

Ina Rose Festival 2023

Ina Rose Festival

There are two rose festivals annually in Ina memorial park (Chosei Shiko Koen). One in spring and one in autumn. The autumn festival, which is generally held in October, is much more low key. They were late releasing the 2023 information this year, but a few days ago they finally confirmed the festival will be on from Wednesday May 10th to Wednesday May 31st 2023. They will have kitchen cars and a market daily from 10 am to 4 pm and live entertainment and special events on the weekends. Furthermore, they have a brand new stage this year! In addition, they will light up the roses at night on May 20th and 21st between 7 and 9 pm.

Performances / events:

  • Local Market for the duration of the festival, weather peritting, between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • VR event from Friday May 12th to 14th and again from 19th to 21st
  • Mini Concert on Saturday May 13th from 11.40 am
  • Mascots from 2.30 pm on both May 13th and 14th
  • Performance by the famous Yamaguchi Dance School from 2pm on the 14th, there will be hula dance and other performances before that. There is also hula on 20th and 21st.
  • You can ride the park train between 10 am and 4 pm on the 14th
  • You can go up in a crane on the 20th and 21st (charge of 300 yen)
  • Rose light up on the 20th and 21st
  • There are Yosakoi performances on the 20th and 27th
  • Live performances on the 27th and 28th, in the afternoon
  • Various other events such as rose gardening advice and tours each weekend
Anywhere Door aka Doko Demo Door at Ina Rose festival 2022
“Doko Demo Door” or Anywhere Door (from Doraemon) at the Spring Ina Rose Festival in 2022. Source: Inamachi Twitter.

Autumn Rose Festival

Autumn Rose Festa 2023
The Ina Town Autumn Rose Festa is on Saturday October 28th and Sunday October 29th, from 9 am to 3 pm, weather permitting. It is a much smaller event that the spring rose festival, but there are food trucks, a farmers market, stage events and workshops on the two days. Moreover, they have a large inflated playground and you can pay to ride on a ‘Doctor Heli’ helicopter! Unlike in spring, there is no charge into the rose garden in autumn. Official event page 2023.


Event: Ina Rose Festival 伊奈町バラまつり. See paragraph above for Autumn information.

Date: Wednesday May 10th to Wednesday May 31st 2023.

Hours: 10 am to 4 pm (the rose garden is open from 9 am to 6 pm, except on the 20th and 21st when it will be open until 9 pm).

Cost: 350 yen to enter the rose garden during the period of the festival. You can buy a “season pass” for just 500 yen and use it for the duration of the rose blooming season. Ina machi residents can enter for free, if you show a “my number” card. The Ina Rose Festival ticket is back in 2023, in collaboration with the New Shuttle (train) pass: you can get a one day pass for the new shuttle with entry into the park included for 1070 yen.

Venue: Ina memorial park (Chosei Shiko Koen), 伊奈町制施行記念公園, 732-1 Kobariuchijuku, Ina, Kitaadachi District, Saitama 362-0801. See map below access.


The nearest interchange is the Okegawa-Kano Interchange of the Ken-o expressway. It is about a 12 minute drive away. By public transport: the nearest station is Uchijuku on the New Shuttle line from Omiya Station. Its about a 10 minute walk. You can also get a bus from either Hasuda Station’s west exit or Okegawa Station’s east exit, in the direction of Kenmin Katsudo Center. Alight at Ina Gakuen 伊奈学園 bus stop from Hasuda or Ina Chosei Shiko Kita 記念公園北 bus stop if coming from Okegawa station.

Official website

Other rose gardens and festivals in Saitama Prefecture

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