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Yamazaki Park’s Seseragi Iris Garden, 2021. Second post of the day (first one here) and another mini one. The flowering season is so short that if I don’t get these posts out now they will be of no use for 2021. The Iris at Yamazaki Park in particular probably only have a matter of days left. But if you are looking for somewhere to see iris this weekend in the Fujimi City area, the timing for Yamazaki Park is perfect. The iris are currently in full bloom and beautiful.

Seseragi Iris Garden, Yamazaki Park

Yamazaki Park is a small park within a residential area of Fujimi City. It also goes by the name of Seseragi Iris Garden. The park runs alongside a tributary of the Shingashi River. You can walk up onto an embankment from the west of the park. However, please note that the narrow road that divides the park from the embankment is actually still in use as an access road. The park is basically made up of the iris display, a large wading river, a small botanical garden and a line of cherry blossom trees. The cherry blossoms are perhaps the most famous.

However, the wading river is a particularly good one as it is long wide and has plenty of shade. Only thing is, it is not filled this summer on account of the coronavirus. There are also a few hydrangea in the park thankfully, because the nearby “ajisai kaido” hydrangea did not bloom this year. There is also a beautiful (but small) poppy display. The poppies are past their prime, but some will probably hold on another few days yet.

It is a local park not suited to a large amount of tourists. However, as it has featured in the Saitama Newspaper for its iris, I decided to add it to the blog! But do note, there is only parking for 20 cars. There are some places to sit and a sand pit plus three small spring rides. It would be a nice place for iris viewing with small children. When I last visited, there were about 100 kids from the local school who had walked down to the park with their teachers to view the iris. Although, most of the kids were actually catching crayfish or running up and down the empty wading river!


There are public toilets and a water drinking fountain in the park. There is also a drinks vending machine. The main entrance is wheelchair / stroller friendly, but the side entrance has steps.

Address:184 Mizuko, Fujimi, Saitama 354-0021
Season:Early June
Hours:The park is open 24 hours, but the car park closes overnight until 9 am.
Online:Official website

A seven minute drive away you can see a small iris display as well as beautiful water lilies on the grounds of the old Nanbata Castle. An 11 minute drive away there are beautiful hydrangea at Iroha Water Park in Shiki.


  1. the time and effort people put in to making walkways and paths is worth it when the results are so beautiful. love this sort of park

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