Shikitei afternoon tea xmas 2023

Information for the seasonal afternoon tea at Shikitei Cafe in Saitama City. The 2023 Christmas event is called “Red Festive Afternoon Tea: Santa’s Gift”. Seasonal Afternoon Tea Shikitei Cafe is a cafe restaurant located in a wedding venue Omiya Rikyu which since 2023 is more commonly known as Art Grace.Read More →

Cover photo for Toda Illumi Illumination event

The Toda City Illumination event “Toda Illumi” is relatively new, it only started in 2019. (There are also other illumination events in Toda City which have been around for longer). The city aim to make illumination synonymous with winter in Toda, that become a winter tradition. According to Toda City,Read More →

Kaparu Illumination Shiki

Information for the annual ‘Kaparu Illumination’ in Shiki City, Saitama, near Tokyo. Shiki City Kaparu Illumination Although relatively small, the Kaparu illumination is popular because they run a photo contest in conjunction with the light up. In addition, it is one of the few light up locations that livestreams itsRead More →

Honjo Brick warehouse

The event is officially called “How to enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas”, but essentially this event is a Christmas market in the beautiful Honjo Brick Warehouse. Scandinavian Christmas Honjo Brick Warehouse is an event space in an old, renovated warehouse, much like a mini version of the famous redbrick warehouse inRead More →

Asaka terrace illumination

Information for the annual Asaka Winter Light Terrace illumination. Asaka Illumination The “Asaka Winter Light Terrace” is centered around “Symbol Road” by Asaka Central Park and near Asaka City Library. In addition, there is also illumination at Asaka and Kita Asaka stations. They haven’t released the amount of lights theyRead More →

Cocoon City Night Illumination

Cocoon City Illumination 2023 ~ 2024 – This year the theme of the annual night illumination at Cocoon City is “Brilliant Promise”. Once again, they are increasing the number of lights used to make it the biggest illumination to date at the excellent mall in the heart of Saitama City.Read More →

Unicus Kawagoe site of the Kawagoe Industry Festival

Unicus Kawagoe host several Kawagoe Farmer’s Market throughout the year. The next one is early in December and the theme is “add color to your life”. Kawagoe Farmer’s Market Kawagoe Farmer’s Market is relatively new. It started during the pandemic and has proved very popular and hugely successful. At theRead More →