A map and list of the key SOMEI YOSHINO (and a few weeping) Cherry Blossom spots in Saitama. There are many more, but these are some of the most famous / popular / stunning locations. I may add more in the future after I’ve ticked them off my list of places I want to go! Of the 135 on this list I have actually been to around 90 of them! Probably even 100, but I’m not going to start counting!! The other ones on the list are famous places, that while I haven’t seen them with my own two eyes, trust from the thousands of reviews online that they are as breathtaking as the ones I have had the pleasure of seeing.

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Saitama Cherry Blossom Map

Map Key

Not all of the places have a hyperlink below, but on the map version they all have links to further information. On the list below, if the name is red it is clickable. Clicking on the place name will bring you to more information (in English) about the cherry blossoms and /or sakura matsuri cherry blossom festivals.


Koaze River cherry blossoms and canola flower Konami
Pikoa, Kawagoe, #9 on the list
  1. Kawagoe Water Park
  2. Kita-in Temple
  3. Miyoshino Shrine
  4. Shingashi River
  5. Isanuma Park
  6. Oisezuka Park
  7. Kawagoe Sports Park
  8. Benten Bridge
  9. Pikoa, pictured above
  10. Renkeiji
  11. Kawagoe Girls High School
  12. Nakain (weeping cherries)


  1. Enomoto Farm
  2. Maruyama Park
  3. Kamihira Park
  4. Hiratsuka Park

Central / West

Satte Cherry Blossom Festival at Gongendo Park
#47 on the list, Gongendo Park in Satte
  1. Komagawa Sakura Sakado
  2. Omiya Hana No Oka
  3. Hidaka Park
  4. Chikozan Park
  5. Sayama City Chikozan Park Children’s Zoo
  6. Kinchakuda Park
  7. Central Park Hanno
  8. Mt Tenran (on Saitama Prefectural website)
  9. Lake Sayama 
  10. Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park
  11. Azumagawa Sakura Walk
  12. Seibuen
  13. Katsusehara Memorial Park
  14. Mizuhodai Central Park
  15. Fukuoka Central Park
  16. Yanasegawa (back of Keiai Hospital)
  17. Saitama Kenei Wakojurin Park
  18. Todakoen
  19. Hitotsugi Park
  20. Jogenji
  21. Minuma Nature Park
  22. Shimin no mori / Minuma Green Center
  23. Iwatsuki Castle Park 
  24. Yono Park
  25. Ōmiya Park
  26. Omiya Daini Park
  27. Owada Park
  28. Miharashi Park
  29. Tobu Zoo
  30. Sugito Nishi Kinrin Park
  31. Gongendo Park, pictured above
  32. Washinomiya Shrine
  33. Kazo Hanasaki Water Park
  34. Kodai Hasu
  35. Hasuda Moto-Arakawa Riverbed Park
  36. Hasuda Motoarakawa Kasenjiki
  37. Himemiyaotoshi RIver
  38. Kisai Sogo Park
  39. Umenoki
  40. Hatoyama Agriculture Park


cherry blossoms and rapeseed Yoshimi also featured on the saitama cherry blossom map post
Cherry blossoms and rapeseed at #57 Sakura Tsutsumi in Yoshimi
  1. Sakuratsutsumi Park, pictured above.
  2. The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi
  3. Takao sakura Park
  4. Ishito Shuku
  5. Kitamoto Children’s Park
  6. Jyougaya Tsutsumi Sakura Road
  7. Kitamoto Nature Observation Park, an official forest therapy park


tulips and cherry blossoms Fukaya Green Center
#89 Fukaya Green Park, Cherry Blossoms and Tulips: Seasonal blooms at Fukaya Green Park
  1. Children’s animal nature park
  2. Sakuranoyama Park
  3. Ranzan Tokigawa River Sakura Embankment
  4. Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park
  5. Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds Park
  6. Suijokoen (Gyoda)
  7. Oshi Castle
  8. Chichibu Railway Steam Locomotive Paleo Express
  9. Kumagaya Sakura Tsutsumi
  10. Beppunuma Park
  11. Prefecture Designated Historic Site Kashima Gofungun
  12. Tamayodo
  13. Kodama Senbonzakura Park
  14. Jomine Park
  15. Manpei Park
  16. Central Park
  17. Sakura Riverside Park
  18. Mitsumoto Chiku Kumagaya
  19. Menuma Shodenzan
  20. Wakaizumi Park
  21. Honjo Park
  22. Motoara River Cherry Blossom
  23. Fukiage / Motoara River Cherry Blossom Festival Kamatsuka Event Park
  24. Senbonzakura of Mt Torayama
  25. Koma Shrine
  26. Fukaya Green Park, pictured above
  27. Kawa no Hiroba
  28. Sayama Inariyama Park
  29. Kasenjiki park (with a hanami Starbucks!)
  30. Sainomori Iruma Park
  31. Saiko Doman
  32. Kurome River Asaka
  33. Kurome River Niiza
  34. Arakawa total sports park street
  35. Flower and Greenery Promenade
  36. Kamakita Lake
  37. Musenyama
  38. Konosu Park
  39. Ko Shrine
  40. Iroha Shinsui Park
  41. Nishi Ward Binnuma
  42. Bin-numa Marsh
  43. Lake Naguri
  44. Torii Kannon
  45. Suzumegawa dam
  46. Shimozato aka Ashigaoka school (Non non Biyori)
  47. Kaminuma Park
  48. Hanno Lions Cherry Blossoms

Eastern Area

Kasai Irrigation Canal, the site of the Soka Cherry Blossom Festival
#120 on the list, Kasai Irrigation Canal in Soka City
  1. Fudabagashi Park
  2. Ushijima Furukawa Park
  3. Hachiman Park
  4. Showa Total Park
  5. Uchimaki Park
  6. Fujitsuka Sanbongi Park
  7. Furutone River
  8. Soka Park
  9. Kasai Irrigation Canal, pictured above
  10. Saitama Prefectural Misato Park
  11. Hachijo Water Park
  12. Numabe Park
  13. Kagaribi
  14. Otoshi Furutone
  15. Along the Motoara River Kita Koshigaya

Chichibu Area

Seiunji Weeping Cherry Blossoms by night, lit up
Weeping cherries at Seiunji, #130 on the list
  1. Hozenji
  2. Minoyama Park
  3. Kita Sakura Street
  4. Seiunji (weeping cherry blossoms)
  5. Mount Bukō
  6. Sasatozan Chōsen-in Temple
  7. Hitsujiyama Park
  8. Hodosan Avenue
  9. Hana no Sato

If you have a blog post or photo of any location on the map (or indeed any location not on the map but in Saitama) that you would like added, please do feel free to contact me. I will add your photo and / or post and link it back to your website or blog. Also, if there is somewhere you feel should be added to this map and you are willing to share its location, please do leave a comment or contact me directly.

All the best for this beautiful spring and sakura season. 🙂

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